Road to Revolution Tuesday, October 6

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Road to Revolution

Tuesday, October 6


  • Why did Europeans settle North America?

  • British & French Settlements in North America

  • the Ohio River Valley & French and Indian War

  • “Taxation without representation is tyranny”

  • Boston & the Sons of Liberty

  • Boston Massacre

  • Boston Tea Party & Intolerable Acts

  • First Continental Congress

Film(s): map: the British colonies in America

America the Story of Us

Last of the Mohicans timeline - Road to Revolutionary War

John Adams (Boston Massacre)

major players:

James Fenimore Cooper, George Washington, Sam Adams, John

Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere, Thomas Hutchinson

King George III, General Thomas Gage, George Grenville (pm),

Charles Townshend (ch. of exchequer), Lord (Frederick) North (pm)

Journal Entries:
entry #1 What is an American? ( )

entry #2 New France ( )

entry #3 French and Indian War ( )

entry #4 George Washington ( )

& the French and Indian War

entry #5 Treaty of Paris & impact ( )

entry #6 Events lead to Independence ( )

entry #7 Proclamation of 1763 ( )

entry #8 Stamp Act & other problems ( )

entry #9 The Boston Patriots ( )

entry #10 The Boston Massacre ( )

entry #11 The Tea Act & Tea Party ( )

entry #12 The Intolerable Acts ( )

entry #13 First Continental Congress ( )

Chapter summary:

The British colonists in America grew up through the late 1600s and 1700s. They were becoming “Americans.” The Americans & British fought together to defeat the French in the French and Indian War. After the war was over the British government began a more “hands-on” policy in the colonies. A policy of higher taxation would be met with an uproar of protest. Soldiers were sent to the colonies to keep the peace and the opposite occurred. Americans would go from loyal subjects of the king, to a people who seemed ready for independence.

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