Riverview Elementary Charter School Governance Council Meeting Minutes School Governance Council Meeting: October 13, 2015 7: 45 am in Attendance

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Riverview Elementary

Charter School Governance Council Meeting Minutes
School Governance Council Meeting: October 13, 2015  7:45 AM
In Attendance:

Julia Mashburn, Parliamentarian and Principal

Harris Georgia, Comm./Bus. Rep, Chairman

Lecretia Scondras, Parent. Rep, Vice Chairman

Kelly Collum Comm./Bus. Rep

Jessie Abercrombie, Parent. Rep

Beth Murray, Teacher Rep

Paula Poss, Teacher Rep


Jeannie Edwards and Vickie Brannon, School Nurses

Call to Order

Harris Georgia called the meeting to order at 7:52 a.m. in the RvES Parent Resource Room.  All in attendance gave the Pledge of Allegiance.

Inspirational Thought:

Mrs. Mashburn shared how we are all inspired and renewed by the fresh new season of Fall.  She also expressed her gratitude for the attendance of Nurse Jeannie and Nurse Vickie.

Approval of Agenda & Minutes:

Harris Georgia called for a motion to approve the October meeting agenda.  Lecretia Scondras made the motion and with a second by Kelly Collum.

Harris Georgia called for a motion to approve the meeting minutes.  Lecretia Scondras made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from the September council meeting and Kelly Collum made a second.

Citizens Comments:  

Committee Reports:  

Old Business:

  1. School-wide Title I Document Review

Mrs. Mashburn reported that the document has been submitted and will be returning with corrections.  Our focus areas remain ELA, Math, and Student Attendance.

    B. AdvancedEd School Accreditation Process:

The school level paperwork is complete and has been submitted for review, and the writing of the system plan will soon be underway.  We plan for the team visit at the end of January 2016.
    C.  Strategic Plan Update:

The ELA, Math, and attendance goals for Riverview Elementary are aligned with the system smart goals Strategic Plan for Dawson County Schools.

    D. Charter Renewal Update:

This is what supports the Riverview School Governance Council and sets the bylaws and guidelines for running our meetings. The process is ongoing and the Council will give guidance on the process as determined by their roles and responsibilities.

    E. New Council Member Training:

Mrs. Mashburn welcomed new council member Kelly Collum-Business Rep., who fills the position recently vacated by Kristina Epp.  (Mrs. Epp’s family moved to another state.) Mrs. Collum has served on several other committees at KES (Council, Title 1, Parent Cabinet, PTO), and she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our Council. She has two children in the Dawson County Schools.

At the end of the meeting, Mrs. Mashburn provided the Power Point training for all new Council members.
   F.  Brochure Revision:

This is ready for color printing and will be available at our next meeting.

   G.  Council Service Project:

Mrs. Mashburn informed the council of a Dawson County Schools System Family Night to be held November 10 at DCHS.  There will be several resources available to parents that night, including a session on Internet safety for children.  The Council had been considering the idea of offering a similar parent information meeting at RvES but now feels like this service will be provided at the Family Night.

New Business:

The Council guest speakers were Nurse Jeannie Edwards, who is the director of the Dawson County School Nurse program, and Riverview’s own school nurse, Vickie Brannon.  We heard about the history of the program in Dawson County over the past 26 years, as well as how the dynamics of children’s health has changed over that period of time.  Many more children are dealing with asthma, diabetes, medications, etc., and have a great need for a nurse at school.  Our nurses are in charge of the students’ individual health care plans and helping many children to manage their health issues.  Nurse Jeannie emphasized that a healthy child is ready to learn, and they provide our schools with health education services, free flu shots, hearing/vision screenings, etc.  Our nurses also help to educate our parents on how to help with their children’s health issues. They help support our school’s goal of the students being at school on time, all day-every day.  The nurses expressed how Dawson County Schools go above and beyond to be child advocates and how our school nurse program is the best in the state of Georgia!

Council Members Comments:   

We discussed the topics for the November Council meeting. The members are interested in learning more about our assessments, and in particular the GMAS results from the last school year.  Mrs. Mashburn will invite Dr. Darnell to visit our meeting to discuss these issues.  The Council also discussed the new middle school realignment issue.  Also, the need was brought up for a solution for the dangerous Hwy. 9/Dawson Forest Road intersection.  Jessi Abercrombie agreed to draft a letter to the county road department expressing our concerns.

Executive Session:


Harris Georgia called for a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Kelly Collum made a second.   The meeting was adjourned at 9:46 a.m.

Next Meeting Date is November 10, 2015 at 7:45 a.m.

RvES Parent Resource Room

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