Riverside School ganag lesson Plan Template

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Riverside School GANAG Lesson Plan Template


Lesson Topic:

(Component 1A)
What are the prerequisite skills for the daily goal?

(Component 1A)


(Component 1A)

(Component 1C)
Daily Goal for Students:

(Component 1C)

Example: We are learning to (WALT)…

I can….

Students will be able to (SWBAT)…

Daily GANAG Structure

Classroom Setup and


Personal Organization and Preparation / Materials (Teacher):

(Component 1D)


Who Uses?

When Used?

Where Placed?

Where From?

Dry Erase Boards

All Students


At Desks

Teacher Materials

Brain Pop Video

Struggling Readers

New Information

On Laptop



(Component 2C)

(Component 1E)

Activating Prior Knowledge: We are trying to get the brain to associate, make analogies, compare and spike student interest.

Warm Up Aligned to Daily Goal: Is everyone doing the same APK or am I differentiating?

(Component 1E)

Share Out Procedure:

(Component 3C)

Example: Think-Write-Pair-Share (TWPS)

Turn and Talk

Popsicle Stick Pull


(Component 2C)

(Component 1E)

Goal Setting: We are trying to get the brain to focus on the goal; reduce impulsivity and stick to a task; provide a clear picture for how the day’s learning links to the larger questions or objectives for inquiry and learning.

Goal Setting: This should be reviewed with students following the APK. Are all students working on the same goal, or will I have a tiered instruction? If all students are working on same goal, what data do I have to support this?

(Components 1B, 1E, 1C, and 1F)

Example: Tier 1: We are learning to…

Tier 2: We are learning to…
Team A: SWBAT or I Can

Team B: SWBAT or I Can


(Component 2C)

(Component 1E)

New Information: Introduction of New Information: We are trying to get the brain to gather, organize, and make meaning of information.

New Info Source: Am I considering my students learning styles and interests? If so cite inventories used…What level are my questions? Cite DOK or Blooms if used…

(Components 1A, 1B, 1E, 3B)

Review Check For Understanding: Are we ready to move on?

(Components 1A, 1B, 1F, and 3E)

Example: Thumb’s up check, Whip Share
Guided Practice: How am I making meaning of new info. with students?


(Component 2C)

(Component 1E)

Application of new learning (Student Work time): Students need to be given an opportunity to apply their new information to a relevant and higher-order situation.

Application Task: How are students practicing and using the new information? Have I differentiated for Learning Styles, needs, and interests? Is there student choice, voice, and self-assessment?

(Components 1E, 1B, 1F)


(Component 2C)

(Component 1E)

Generalizing on Goal and learning: We are trying to get the brain to “put a tab on the folder,” make a connection to the goal and retain the information learned

Exit Ticket Prompt: Aligned to the daily goal…

(Components 1C, 1E, 1F)

Generalization: How will students connect or come to closure on their learning for the day? How Will they self-assess? How will use this data?

(Components 1E, 1F, 3D)


(Component 2C)

(Component 1E)

HW Assessment

(Components 1E, and 1F)

Homework Assignment: Why? Is it practice, extension, project, reflection? It must have purpose! How Long? Keep it reasonable in length.

Reflection and Research: Are there strategies / resources from a PD that you incorporated into this lesson? Did you use any researched based practices you can cite? Provide yourself with glows, grows, and next steps…

(Components 1D, 4A, 4E)
Glow: I feel that I did really well with…
Grow: I noticed this did not go well in this lesson…
Next Steps: My next steps are…

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