Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plan Application for licence for dealings involving intentional release of a genetically modified organism into the environment dir 034/2003 Title: Field Trial of Genetically Modified Cotton

Section 3 Decision on the application

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Section 3 Decision on the application

  1. Details of the matters that the Regulator must consider in making a decision are provided in Appendix 8. It is important to note that the legislation requires the Regulator to base the licence decision on whether risks posed by the dealings can be managed so as to protect human health and safety and the environment.

  2. It is concluded that there are no significant risks to human health and safety or to the Australian environment arising from the proposed release of GM insecticidal cottons that cannot be adequately managed. Detailed risk analyses based on the available scientific information are provided in Appendices 2 - 6 in support of this conclusion.

  3. Therefore the Regulator has issued licence number DIR 034/2003 in respect of this application.

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