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To reach Rights Review, please contact

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To reach Rights Review, please contact:
Tom Anzer

Director for Human Rights

Department of Mental Retardation

500 Harrison Avenue

Boston, MA 02118
He also can be reached by calling: 617-624-7738, or by e-mail: Tom.C.Anzer@state.ma.us
Editor’s note: Each issue of the “Rights Review” is reviewed by DMR senior staff and represents the views and regulatory interpretations of the Department as a whole.

HRAC Members:

Cynthia Peiahota - Chair

(provider’s human rights coordinator)

Diane Iagulli

(provider’s President/CEO, and ADDP)

Florence Finkel, Emeritus

(Governor’s Commission on MR)

Royell Gaw, Jr.


Rita Fallon

Facility HRC Chair

Richard J. Camara

(DMR program monitor)

Patricia Connolly, Ph.D.

(provider’s human rights committee, academic)

John Sczezesny, Ph.D.

(Area Clinical Director)

Mark Weiner

(Area clinician)

James A. Boyce

(family member, provider HRC chair)

Michael P. Azarra J.D., N.C.G.

(Attorney, HRC Chair and Guardianship Advocate)

Look for Rights Review on the DMR/DDS web-page, all issues of Rights Review can be found under “DMR Reports” in the Publications drop down box. Double click on this area and you will find the newsletter link. Save copying and pass around the link once you get there! It starts with…
http://www.mass.gov/ and find the DMR home page in the agency list.

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