Rhythm Lesson Plans

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School: Will Rogers Elementary

Subject: Physical Education

Teacher: Lee Mitchell

Rhythm Lesson Plans

  1. Bouncing ball in rhythm: Count of eight the students are either supposed to pass the ball to a partner on four or seven.

  1. Hoola hoop skipping game: The students skip around with music. When the music stops then they are supposed to find a hoola hoop to stand in.

  1. Electric slide: This first week we went over the steps to the dance to make sure the student’s know how to perform the dance correctly.

  1. Electric slide: This week we added music to the dance. The students were allowed to put their own style into the dance as long as it was appropriate.

  1. Fold dance: This week we worked on dances that just moved the students legs no arms. The dance and music was age level appropriate.

  1. Folk dance: This week we worked on dances that worked both the arms and legs. Once again this dance was age appropriate.

  1. Parachute: This week we worked on parachute moves that I designed for the students. This gave them a starting point for what we did the next week.

  1. Parachute: This week the students developed there own moves with the parachute. Some classes succeeded greatly with developing this while other classes did not do as well.


NM1 A 1-3, C 1-4; NM11 A 1-3 B 1-3, C 1-4; NM111 A1-2, B; NM 1V

Download 21 Kb.

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