Rhetorical Analysis Paper: Rough Draft Due Tuesday, November 3rd Rhetorical Analysis Essay Assignment

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Rhetorical Analysis Paper: Rough Draft Due Tuesday, November 3rd
Rhetorical Analysis Essay Assignment:

Using the thesis (below) or creating your own, write an essay analyzing the rhetorical strategies John F. Kennedy uses in his inaugural address to achieve his purpose

Possible Thesis which can be modified:

While the speech’s respectful eloquence is appropriate for the occasion of an inauguration, its youthful energy and look to the future make it distinctly John F. Kennedy’s.

Paper Layout:

One and one-half pages (approximately 875 words) typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1 ½ “ border, STORE ON FLASH DRIVE!!

Outline and Thesis Due in Class-Friday Oct. 31st

First Draft: Tuesday, November 3rd

Completed Peer Evaluation Sheet and Peer Paper: Thursday, November 5th
Description of Peer Evaluation Grading System

When you hand in your first draft on Tuesday, you will be given a “peer paper “ to evaluate

There will be a Peer Evaluation Sheet to be completed and turned in by Thursday, Nov. 5th

This First Draft will be “Peer Evaluated” and you will be graded on your evaluation of the Peer Paper

(New Grading Rubric will be on a 100 pt. scale (not the previous 5 pt))
This essay, one of the most important essays in the AP Lang. and Comp . course, will be graded more rigorously than the previous Comparison/Contrast Essay.
*You will be responsible for spelling, capitalization and punctuation
*Basic Grammar: Subject/Verb Agreement – Pronouns/Antecedents (Writing and Grammar Textbook)
*Proper in-text citations – MLA Style
*Proper Rhetorical Terms Usage
Refer to all notes from class pertaining to JFK’s Inaugural Speech - Use all Reference books available in the classroom
**Complete the required Reading Assignments before you begin: (You MUST do these readings before I can help you outline)
Princeton Review Sample Essay page 45-46

Writer’s Inc. pp. 108, 137, 233

JFK Literary Analysis – Class Handout **One of the best reference tools for this paper**

How to get started:

Read all the assignments from above

Read the speech itself more than a few times. As you work on the outline, you will understand it more and more.

Read over your questions and answers from “Diction/Syntax” Assignment

Perform SOAPSTone for JFK Speech

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