Revolutionary War to Civil War Unit 1 Study Guide

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Revolutionary War to Civil War Unit 1 Study Guide

  • Who sided with whom in the French Indian War?- Spain sided with the British

  • Coercive Acts- Intended to punish Massachusetts for the Boston Tea Party

  • Why did Colonial farmers like paper money?- Because it lost value, making it easier to repay

  • New Jersey Plan- Congress would have two houses, with members of the first house elected by the people and members of the second house elected by the first house

  • Northwest Ordinance- Excluded slavery from the Northern Territory

  • To whom did the original Bill of Rights apply- To state governments as well as the federal governments

  • Bill of Rights and how many offered rights of individuals- First 8 amendments offered safeguards for the rights of individuals against the federal government

  • Great Compromise- Each state would have equal representation

  • Alexander Hamilton v. Aaron Burr duel- Burr killed Hamilton

  • Sugar Act- Colonists argued that Britain had no right to tax Americans to raise money

  • Albany Plan- Colonists join together to form a federal government

  • Gaspee Affair- Colonists burned a British ship that ran aground

  • Who first formed the Continental Army?- The militia surrounding the British in Boston

  • What did wearing “homespun” mean?- It showed patriotism

  • King George III made a declaration after the attack on British troops in Quebec. What was the declaration he made?- That the colonies were “open and avowed enemies”

  • Why was Washington’s attack on New Jersey a surprise?- It was winter

  • Who suggested Committees of Correspondence?- Thomas Jefferson

  • Townshend Acts and Boston Massacre- Britain repealed the Townshend Acts after the Boston Massacre

  • How did colonist protest the Stamp Act- Refusing to buy goods from Britain

  • Intolerable Acts- Both the Coercive Acts and the Quebec Act

  • In the battle for New York city what major mistake did the British make?- Moving too slowly, allowing American troops to escape

  • Understand how people with more $$$ viewed Shays Rebellion- The republic was at risk

  • Know how taxes and restrictions imposed on imported goods affected British merchants- Take their goods to states that had lower taxes and fewer restrictions

  • Know what the news of Shays Rebellion caused Congress to do- Call a convention of the states to revise the Articles of Confederation

  • Who did the Virginia Plan Benefit?- Large Sates with many people

  • Which states sent delegates to the Constitutional Convention & which didn’t?- New Jersey, Maine, and Connecticut went, but Rhode Island did not

  • Know what has to be done to amend the constitution- Proposal and ratification

  • Understand that the Constitutional Convention had to do balance states rights & a strong national government

  • Know why Loyalists could not recover property confiscated during the Revolutionary War- The Confederation Congress could not compel the states to fulfill the agreement

  • What is a “federal” government system?- Divides power between national and state governments

  • Why did Sam Adams oppose the Constitution?- It endangered the independence of the states

  • Who made up Antifederalists?- Western farmers not near the coast

  • How many amendments make up the Bill of Rights?- 10

  • Know what the federalists promised to Massachusetts to get support for an amendment- Reserving for the states all powers not granted to the federal government

  • What did the new government do to raise money in 1789-Imposed a tariff

  • Marbury v. Madison – The Court’s right of judicial review

  • Who won at the battle of Tippecanoe?- No winner

  • What does the last amendment of the Bill of Rights do?- Powers not given to the federal government are reserved for the states

  • What are Bonds?- Paper notes promising to repay money after a certain length of time

  • Some people didn’t think the government had the right to establish a bank

  • What did Jays Treaty do?- Prevented war with Great Britain

  • Impressment- British seized American sailors

  • How did the U.S. get the Louisiana Territory?- Buying it from France

  • Who arranged for the construction of a fleet on Lake Erie during the War of 1812?- Oliver Perry

  • When did Francis Scott Key write the Star Spangled Banner?- After the bombardment of Fort McHenry

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