Revision – Breakdown of Cooperation

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Revision – Breakdown of Cooperation

For ‘a’ questions revise appeasement and the steps Hitler took to war; Preliminary Steps – RE.S.R.A. Rearmament, Saar, Rhineland, Anschluss and Steps to War – S.M.O.N. Sudetenland, Munich Conference, Occupation, Nazi-Soviet Pact.

For ‘b’ questions revise why the allies appeased and why they stopped appeasing in the end.
Finally, for ‘c’ questions revise arguments for and against the war being Hitler’s fault and arguments for and against Hitler getting everything he wanted.

  1. Examine the following 5 mark ‘a’ questions taken from past papers –
    a. Describe what was agreed about the Saar in the Treaty of Versailles and what happened in ’35 as a result (Nov 2011 TZ 1).

  1. What was the policy of appeasement, followed by Britain in the 1930s? (Nov 2011 TZ 2)

WRITTEN TASK – Draw spider-diagram answers showing at least 6 points in answer to each of the questions above. You’ll be expected to show these diagrams in your next lesson.

  1. Examine the following 7 mark ‘b’ questions and level 2 answers

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