Review of the National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence 2010-2014

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Progress of Strategy Activities

3.1 There have been positive developments as listed above, and other activities under the strategy are continuing. However, much remains to be done. There has been disappointing slippage in the national strategy, for a number of reasons, in relation to target dates and in relation to revised target dates. Revised dates arose as a result of a recommendation of the mid-term review.

Ambition for the next strategy

4.1 As part of the review of the current strategy organisations were asked to list activities which they themselves would undertake and activities which other organisations could advance. The University of Limerick analysis lists 149 activities recommended by the voluntary sector. The state sector overview contains 99 action items. Cosc was not immune from this high level of ambition for the next strategy. It listed 30 activities which it proposed to develop with others and 53 activities that other organisations might undertake. These numbers can be put in some context when one realises that there were 59 activities in the first strategy.

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