Review of the National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence 2010-2014

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2.7 Research or data collection

  • Inclusion of sexual violence victim data from most support services in the Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI) database

  • Domestic violence perpetrator programmes have made strides in relation to data gathering in partnership with Cosc with a view to better demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of the programmes, and to find where improvement is necessary

  • An Garda Síochána have worked through their sexual violence offence data with the Central Statistics Office and a more robust time series is now available and published regularly

  • An Garda Síochána continue a programme of work with the Central Statistics Office in relation to the Garda Síochána domestic violence data

2.8 Structures or processes to support the strategy (consultation, meetings, six monthly review reports etc.)

  • Publication on the Cosc website of six-monthly progress reports on the National Strategy and of the midterm review of the strategy.

  • Programmes dealing with male domestic violence perpetrators are now represented on the National Steering Committee on Violence Against Women

  • Strategy Oversight Group shows ongoing commitment to the national strategy of relevant government departments and state agencies

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