Review of the National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence 2010-2014

Victims’ experience of state services

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2.2 Victims’ experience of state services

  • Updated Garda policies on domestic violence and on sexual violence, including sexual abuse of children adopted

  • Updated national guidelines of practice for Sexual Assault Treatment Units (SATUs) agreed

  • The Dublin Family Law Courts at Dolphin House are now housing voluntary sector resident support services for victims of domestic violence

  • Launch of a revised Victims Charter

  • Probation Service Domestic Violence Practice guidelines developed

  • Guidelines on making a victim impact statement in court published

  • Adoption of the European protection order (civil)

  • Development of material for the Garda intranet, the availability on the Garda website of leaflets in a number of languages on crime prevention, including a leaflet on domestic violence, and the inclusion of contact details of support services on the reverse of the garda business card

  • Comprehensive countrywide support service listing made available on the Cosc website ( – see under “local and national support services”)

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