Review of the Gene Technology Act 2000 (Cth) Submission from the Gene Technology Ethics Committee (gtec)

Advice to the OGTR and the Regulator

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Advice to the OGTR and the Regulator

Development of Ethical Guidelines in Relation to Genetically Modified Organisms

In the first triennium, at the request of the Regulator, GTEC commenced work on the development of a set of ethical guidelines (values and principles) in relation to genetically modified organisms. These draft Guidelines have been discussed with other ethics committees and government agencies, then revised in response to that consultation.

Extent of Ethical Considerations in Applications

GTEC considered the need for a survey of Institutional Biosafety Committees (IBCs). The purpose of the proposed survey was to determine the extent of ethical review for all types of applications for genetic modification work in relation to plants and animals. Towards the end of the first triennium it was decided that the work was not to be progressed at that time.

Other Advice

At the request of the Regulator, GTEC also worked on a range of ethical issues falling within the purview of the new regulatory system. This led to working papers on:

  • The ethical aspects of risk including multiple facets of managing risk ethically

  • Release of Information and Notification under the Gene Technology Act 2000.

  • Ethical Issues Arising from the Genetic Modification of Animals (including animal welfare considerations)

  • Ethical Issues Associated with Transkingdom Gene Transfer

  • "GMOs, Lay Understandings and civic ethics"

  • " A history of ideas about environmental precaution"

A number of these GTEC papers have been considered by GTTAC and GTCCC.

A GTEC working paper entitled Managing Risk Ethically provided expert advice to the OGTR and the Regulator throughout the process of revision of the Risk Analysis Framework during 2003 - 4. The paper’s emphasis on considering the broader context in which risk analysis takes place is referred to throughout this submission. Amendments to the Risk Analysis Framework (OGTR, 2005, 2nd Edition) reflect the integration of ideas and themes raised in Managing Risk Ethically into the revised Risk Analysis Framework.

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Content -> Environmental ethics as it relates to gene technology in australia
Content -> The biology of bovine herpesvirus 1 (Bohv-1) August 2005 contents
Content -> Questions and answers on dir 051/2004 gm sugarcane lines expressing sucrose isomerase what is sugarcane?
Content -> The Biology and Ecology of Sugarcane (Saccharum spp hybrids) in Australia December 2004
Content -> Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plan
Content -> Application for licence for dealings involving an intentional release into the environment dir 025/2002
Content -> Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plan Application for licence for dealings involving intentional release of a genetically modified organism into the environment dir 034/2003 Title: Field Trial of Genetically Modified Cotton

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