Review of the Gene Technology Act 2000 (Cth) Submission from the Gene Technology Ethics Committee (gtec)

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Changing Circumstances

    1. Examine emerging trends and international developments in biotechnology and its regulation and whether the regulatory system stipulated by the Act is flexible enough to accommodate changing circumstances.

GTEC should consider international developments and “advise the Regulator accordingly" - because that knowledge would broaden local understanding of the links between consultation, constituency development and the articulation of policy. For example, in both France and the United Kingdom, carefully conducted public consultations have achieved some success both in forcing people anxious about GMOs to address issues and articulate specific responses to them (rather than objecting in general) and in forcing people with high levels of expert knowledge to recognise the relevant field experience of agricultural producers. [See, for example, Les Levidow & C. Marris: “Science & Governance in Europe: lessons from the case of agricultural biotechnology” Science & Public Policy 28:5 (2001) 345-360; Durant, Bauer & Gaskell: Biotechnology in the Public Sphere (London Science Museum 1998): 217-227; United Kingdom: Environment Agriculture & Biotechnology Commission (2002)]

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