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Ph.D. studies are not evaluated

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Ph.D. studies are not evaluated

According the expert panel one important aspect is missing in EVA’s mission. Ph.D. studies should be included in evaluations as a part of higher education.


The overall strategic efforts need strengthening

Ambitious efforts go into the strategic management of activi­ties within EVA. However, the breadth and complexity of the mission affect EVA’s planning conditions. There is an exten­sive planning process, which is difficult to keep together, and there seems to be a tendency for the Board and management to be forced to substitute short-term planning at the project level for long-term strategic considerations and problem ana­lysis.

The panel of assessors recommends that parallel strategic processes be adapted/synchronised and that the overall stra­tegic responsibility of the Board should be emphasised more strongly. If the present broad mission is retained, clearer strategies embracing several sectors should be developed for EVA’s operations.

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