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The descriptions of the strategies for the various educational sectors provided in the self-evaluation can be summarised as follows:

Primary and lower-secondary schooling: In Denmark there are about 1,700 primary and lower-secondary schools. This means that the degree of coverage is a central issue in EVA’s strategies in this sector, one reason being the focus on improved interaction between evaluations, knowledge centre measures and externally contracted activities and also thematic evaluations in which a selection of schools and municipalities participate. Evaluations during 2005 will, for instance, focus on school administration, qualifications in mathematics and the interaction of attitudes to learning, organisation and physical parameters. Another strategy in recent years has been to look more closely at what goes on in schools with a focus on conditions and processes. This is where information is lacking today. The externally contracted activities have expanded in the primary and lower-secondary sector, mainly in advisory activities. The projects planned for 2005 total 17 in all. The number of knowledge-centre measures is also relatively large.

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