Review of the Danish Evaluation Institute

EVA’s knowledge resources

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EVA’s knowledge resources

It is to be assessed whether:

  • EVA composes its staff with a view to providing the organisation with the right knowledge and the right qualifications with respect to the nature of the individual assignment

  • EVA ensures that the knowledge and qualifications of its staff are maintained and improved for the benefit of the individual employee and the organisation as a whole

  • EVA uses external knowledge resources where appropriate and subjects these contributions to the performance of its duties to quality assurance procedures.

EVA’s processes

It is to be assessed whether:

  • EVA’s evaluations are regular and systematic in relation to the educational system.

  • EVA’s methods and procedures are predefined and accessible to the public. As a main rule, these procedures include:

    • Self evaluation

    • An external evaluation group that matches the requirements in terms of academic expertise as well as user and student representation

    • Site visits by EVA and the evaluation group to the institutions or programmes undergoing evaluation

    • Publication of a report containing the conclusions and recommendations of the evaluation

    • A procedure to follow up among those who have been evaluated with respect to the recommendations of the evaluation report

  • EVA has procedures to ensure continuous feed-back on the quality of processes and results.

EVA’s results

It is to be assessed whether:

  • EVA’ production of reports, memos, tools and services etc. reflect efficient use of resources

  • EVA’s products and services reflect the institute’s strategy and objectives

  • EVA contributes to safeguarding and improving the quality of teaching and education in Denmark.

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