Review of the Danish Evaluation Institute

EVA’s objectives, strategy and framework

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EVA’s objectives, strategy and framework

It is to be assessed whether:

  • EVA has a clear strategy and clear objectives and that both are accessible to the public

  • EVA’s strategy and objectives reflect the requirements laid down in act:

- to safeguard and develop the quality of teaching and education in Denmark

- to advise and cooperate with the Minister of Education and other public authorities and educational institutions on matters of evaluation and quality improvement of educational fields

    • to gather national and international experience of educational evaluation and quality improvement and

    • to develop and renew procedures of evaluation and quality improvement.

  • EVA’s strategy and objectives provide relevant and valid answers to challenges in the institute’s surroundings and field of activity

  • EVA is independent of the Ministry of Education and other authorities. EVA has independent responsibility for the evaluation processes and procedures employed and is independently responsible for submitting its reports without influence from third-party authorities.

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