Review of the Danish Evaluation Institute

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The expert panel’s visit

The expert panel will conduct a three-day visit to EVA as part of the review. The aim of the visit is primarily to verify and amplify the information contained in the self evaluation report. The site visit will be planned in cooperation with EVA and will, together with the self evaluation report and the user survey, if any, provide the bulk of the material on which the panel will be making its conclusions and recommendations.
During the visit the panel will arrange a number of interviews based on the self evaluation. The sequence of interviews will include meetings with, among others, EVA’s executive committee, management and staff as well as a relevant cross-section of evaluated institutions. It will also be of relevance to the panel to discuss the themes of the review with other interested parties, and the panel will select the individuals it wishes to meet during the visit.
Written documentation

During the review, the expert panel may ask EVA for supplementary written documentation as a contribution to a full and comprehensive understanding of the institute’s objectives, activities, strategies, processes and procedures. Of course, other material on the Danish educational system may form part of the panel’s documentation. If, in addition, the panel decides that further documentation is needed, it may carry out supplementary user surveys.
Report and follow-up

Based on the documentation acquired, the panel will prepare an evaluation report with its conclusions and recommendations. The report must answer the questions posed with regard to the purpose of the review and must address the fulfilment of the criteria defined. The report will be published. Prior to its publication, EVA will be given the opportunity to correct factual or technical errors and comment on the process and findings of the review.
Following the review, EVA will prepare a follow-up plan to be published on EVA’s home page. In the event that conclusions and recommendations are contrary to the legal basis and thus go against the ministries, the follow-up of these themes will be discussed with the ministries prior to the publication of the follow-up plan.

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