Review of the Danish Evaluation Institute

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The evaluation procedure

It goes without saying that when an evaluation agency is reviewed, a very high level of professionalism is required of those who carry out the review. The procedures that are used are and should be based on the same procedural principles as those applying to the evaluation of educational programmes, i.e. self evaluation, site visit by the external expert panel and a public report.

The review will be based on a number of criteria which, on the one hand, are a reflection of the expectations of EVA as expressed in the act and, on the other hand, the aims and objectives that EVA has formulated for its activities in its strategy plan, organisational accounts and internal quality assurance mechanisms. European standards for evaluation institutions are also included50. The criteria are to be approved by EVA’s executive committee and will be submitted with these terms of reference for hearing in the Ministry of Education (UVM), the Ministry of Research, Technology and Innovation (VTU) and the committee of representatives.

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