Review of the Danish Evaluation Institute

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By act of parliament of 1 May 1999, EVA was established as a permanent institution. EVA is responsible for carrying out systematic external evaluation of educational programmes in Denmark and for acting as the Danish Government’s knowledge centre within the field of educational evaluation. The act introduced systematic external evaluation as a compulsory part of the improvement of quality throughout the educational system.

As the former Evaluation Centre was integrated into EVA, there was substantial previous experience on which to base its activities. Nevertheless, EVA’s first years were characterised by the fact that a new institution with new assignments would have to be created. As part of the establishment phase, EVA prepared its first strategy – Strategy Plan 2001-2003. One of the focus points of this strategy was the desire to ensure the quality of our key functions, processes and services. As a consequence of that decision, internal quality assurance has been given a high priority, and quality assurance mechanisms have been established for EVA’s key activities. This means that EVA continuously has been collecting user assessments of the quality of its activities while having carried out its own evaluation and assessment of its processes and procedures. The natural next step for EVA is now to supplement its ongoing quality improvement activities by external review, involving a general assessment of activities and priorities by independent, external experts.

The purpose of the review is to clarify whether:

  • EVA lives up to the aim expressed in the act and fulfils its other purposes, including relevance, quality and effects of EVA’s activities.

  • EVA has established relevant strategies, processes and procedures that support this aim and whether these will yield the expected results, internally as well as externally.

The review will be subject to the same frameworks and conditions as those governing the institute. It may be a matter of premises which, on the one hand, have turned out to be of significance to the implementation of EVA’s activities, on the other, to have changed concurrently with the development of the educational sector. This means that the review may consider whether, for instance, expectations and discussions among stakeholders and those undergoing evaluation about evaluation and the political agenda, nationally as well as internationally, have been of significance to the institution’s activities.

The purpose of the review is to assess all of EVA’s activities within the three key areas: evaluation, knowledge centre and externally contracted activities. EVA’s organisation and management will also be involved in relation to the activities of the key areas.

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