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Management tools

A statement of goals and an overall description has to be drawn up for every project. These provide the parameters for the project in terms of resources, what quality requirements will apply to its results and the tasks of the project manager and the members of the project team. Internal and external communications also have to be described. The contents are determined jointly by the project team, the project manager and the head of the project. The goal statement and overall description provides the basis of the follow-up that has to take place no later than two months after conclusion of the project.

The Evaluation Manual contains a description of the organisation of a typical action plan evaluation. This states which procedures are obligatory, offers advice and guidance on practical issues and also offers samples of various standard letters and templates.

Manuals are also being developed for accreditation reviews and externally contracted activities.

In the context of the organisational changes in 2004 a new time-tracking system was also developed.

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