Review of the Danish Evaluation Institute

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  • Internal work on strategy should be developed:

  • Parallel strategy processes need to be adapted to each other/synchronised.

  • Greater emphasis should be given to the board’s overall strategic responsibility.

  • Problem analysis on which to base strategic considerations should be enhanced.

  • EVA’s organisation can be made even more efficient:

  • The management system needs stabilisation; the vacant position as Director of Projects needs to be filled on a more permanent basis.

  • The project-based organisation should be strengthened by emphasising even more clearly the independent responsibility of the project managers and simultaneously reducing the direct participation of the institute’s management in individual projects.

  • Enhancement of human resources is needed:

  • Consultants with research qualifications and/or research experience need to be recruited.

  • If the current broad mandate is retained, several more consultants need be appointed as well.

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