Review of the Danish Evaluation Institute

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Qualification profiles

Most of its staff enjoy working at EVA, this is made clear by previous surveys and was also emphasised during the site visit. When posts are advertised there are normally hundreds of applications for them.

Priority given to sectoral and methodological knowledge

When consultants are appointed, priority is given to sectoral knowledge and methodological skills rather than to research experience. Most of the staff have either experience from teaching in one or more sectors or knowledge about the analytical methodology of the social sciences, but none have PhD’s. However, it is stated in the self-evaluation that an undergraduate degree combined with systematic skill-enhancement enables the consultants to function very effectively as project managers and members of the project teams in the model adopted by EVA.

The expert panel agrees that EVA’s staff need to possess methodological and sectoral awareness. In particular, when making the strategic selection of projects and areas on which to focus knowledge is required of the different conditions that apply and the discussions that are taking place in the relevant sectors.

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