Review of the Danish Evaluation Institute

Decisions as operational level

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Decisions as operational level

The board also makes decisions at operational level. It is responsible for the overall strategies involved in determining the organisation and choice of methods for evaluations – with the proviso that self-evaluation must always be included – and approving the terms of reference39 for each individual evaluation, including their budgets and timetables. The board determines the composition of the expert panels and their remuneration and the evaluation reports are submitted to the board for comment.

Judging from the minutes of the board meetings40 most of the items dealt with concern relatively specific issues – decisions about the terms of reference for individual evaluations and their reports. Discussion relating to the action plans seems to deal with operational concerns rather than strategic issues.

The expert panel would like to see the board intensify its involvement in EVA considerations of its overall operational strategy. In the opinion of the expert panel this needs to be systematised while at the same central issues relating to EVA’s mandate and its future operations should be given more prominence on its agenda than has hitherto been the case.

Committee of Representatives

The board also appoints what is known as the Committee of Representatives, which consists of 27 members and covers all educational sectors. Its composition is laid down in the EVA Act. The main task of the committee is to safeguard the interests of the organisations specified in EVA’s strategic planning by expressing opinions on the institute’s action plans, annual reports and accounts. According to the self-evaluation the committee also act as a sounding board for EVA’s management.

The expert panel is impressed by the breadth of the contacts provided by the Committee of Representatives.

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