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Mixing teams offer broad perspectives but unwieldy administration

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Mixing teams offer broad perspectives but unwieldy administration

The idea of introducing a more explicit project-based organisation is, in the opinion of the expert panel, well suited to the institute’s broad mandate. With its current human and economic resources EVA has no possibility of undertaking comprehensive evaluations in every sector of the educational system. Organisation on a project basis and the transsectoral/cross-unit composition of the project teams does on the other hand enable the adoption of a broader perspective.

“Circulating know-how and methods between the units” was described during the site visit as a shared challenge within the institute. In this context too the project based organisation seems more than justifiable.

At the same time a complex organisational matrix has been created, with a management team that functions across all the units to manage, and to some extent administer, unit specific or educational sector-specific projects carried out by project teams whose members have been selected on a cross-unit basis. This is an organisation that appears to be administratively unwieldy and difficult to get a grasp of.

The question is how productive it is. The number of evaluations and other projects completed each year seems to be low in relation to the staffing level. This is not, however, a question that the expert panel can answer but one which EVA may have reason to look into more closely. International comparisons with other evaluation organisations could provide a perspective on the efficiency of EVA’s working methods and organisation.

As most of the projects are in fact sector-specific, the benefit of mixing staff from different units cannot either be taken for granted.

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