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New project organisation

Mixed project teams – all units involved

The new organisation is project based and the teams are made up of staff from the different units: often there are two consultants from the educational units and one from each of the specialist units, i.e. from the methodology unit, secretariat and administrative unit. In addition they include an evaluation assistant, i.e. one of the students employed by EVA.

In the project teams the administrative unit staff are responsible for registering documents, travel arrangements, invoices and the practical contacts required in printing and distributing the reports. In this way the administration is made more efficient and the consultants are free to devote themselves unstintingly to carrying out the evaluation and other project tasks. Staff from the methodology unit act as advisers on methodological issues and have particular responsibility for the end-user surveys carried out by private consultants in connection with most of the evaluations. One of the secretariat’s information officers is attached to each project to take responsibility for the way in which the reports and other material produced can be communicated to the world at large. The information officers also produce press releases.

This is described by EVA’s management as a robust organisation which, when fully implemented, will enhance procedural and organisational flexibility.

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