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Strategies divided according to educational sector and unit

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Strategies divided according to educational sector and unit

Sector-specific strategies

EVA’s action plans lists the projects to be carried out during the coming year. The vast majority of these are sector-specific. Previously evaluations of a more transsectoral nature have been undertaken, such as the transfer from vocational programmes in upper-secondary education to higher education or the teaching of English in primary and lower-secondary schools, upper-secondary schools and higher education. But during the site visit it became clear that there was a tendency for sector-specific projects to increase, according to the board because the transsectoral evaluations become far too large and unwieldy. Neither the action plan for 2005 nor the draft action plan for 2006 included transsectoral projects. “The different units are being granted independence”, was the opinion expressed by one member of EVA’s staff during the site visit. To an ever increasing extent, evaluations and other undertakings are being planned and implemented within the respective units themselves (see Annex 3).

This development is hardly surprising, in the eyes of the expert panel. It is a pragmatic solution and could well be inevitable, given the difference in the conditions that apply to EVA’s quality evaluations in the various educational sectors and how the planning process is organised and tailored to different interests.

But at the same time this process means that operations are increasingly diverging from the idea that originally led to the establishment of EVA and its broad mandate. It is difficult to see how its current project undertakings could lead to an overall view, a holistic approach and synergies between different projects and educational sectors.

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