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Improved conditions are needed for planning

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Improved conditions are needed for planning

To some extent the sectoral division of the evaluations seems to be linked to the conditions laid down by the Government offices and the different expectations that the two ministries most closely concerned seem to have of EVA’s work – without any obvious coordination. The lack of coordination means that EVA’s mandate is, in practice, at least twofold. The specific needs of the two ministries pull in different directions and EVA’s action plan lists one sector-specific project after the other.

The immediate conclusion drawn by the expert panel is therefore that the current conditions that apply to planning need to be changed. The process of drawing up EVA’s action plans and its strategic planning in general needs to be more coherent and undertaken in consistent dialogue with the ministries most directly concerned. New participants that may in the future be involved in evaluations of the Danish educational system, i.e. the council/board for evaluation and quality development in primary and lower-secondary education, should be included in this dialogue.

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