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Adult and continuing training is evaluated solely by EVA

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Adult and continuing training is evaluated solely by EVA

The adult and continuing training sector is also described as heterogeneous, while at the same time it overlaps the regular educational system. This area includes primary education for adults and instruction at the three tertiary levels, corresponding to short-cycle, medium-cycle and long-cycle programmes in higher education in the regular system, as well as labour market programmes, continuing training programmes, preparatory programmes for adults and general adult education and the “advanced matriculation examination (Höjere Forberedelseseksamen)”

The travaux préparatoires of the EVA Act provided for the institute to delay evaluation of adult and continuing training as this was felt to be such a complex area. The first evaluations took place in 2001 and up to and including the action plan for 2005 a total of eight evaluations have been made.

Public interest in these evaluations is described in the self-evaluation as slender. Nor is the sector described as being either particularly interested in evaluating or being evaluated – at least not to any greater extent than is already the case. The self-evaluation claims that there is little experience in adult and continuing training of the type of evaluations that EVA undertakes, or of evaluation as a whole.

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