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Limited circulation in the educational system

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Limited circulation in the educational system

Experience derived from the work of EVA most probably circulates in the educational sector primarily in the form of the institute’s various knowledge centre projects. EVA’s staff offer lectures, courses, conferences and other development support. Written information is circulated through folders, method pamphlets, the website, an electronic news magazine and databases.

But even among course providers at different levels it seems that awareness of what EVA does is limited. The results of the evaluations and the development initiatives hardly receive national coverage. The selected schools and higher education institutions that are directly affected by the institute’s evaluations read the reports and benefit from the results presented. This was made clear during the two hearings with representatives from various educational sectors held during the site visit. The impact on others seems to be more marginal. The spin-off effect is described as limited: “Everyone knows what EVA is. On the other hand it is not certain that they know what it does.” “Not that much gets read.”16

For an institute with a clear development mandate, limited impact on the educational sector is a problem that has to be taken seriously, in the opinion of the expert panel.

In this context as well, the question of media attention is important. More column inches – in the specialised journals, daily papers and other media – would mean that more course providers would know about evaluation results and the chances of their being used would increase.17

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