Review of the Danish Evaluation Institute

Organisation of the review and the work of the panel

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Organisation of the review and the work of the panel

The expert panel was appointed in the spring of 2005, after the brief had been drawn up, the criteria for the review adopted and the process of self-evaluation had begun at EVA. The panel had, therefore, only limited influence over the organisation and focus of the review.

The time frame had already been laid down in principle: the self-evaluation was completed between February and April 2005. The expert panel was appointed in March and April and had its first meeting in May, just over a week before the site visit to EVA took place. The aim was to analyse the self-evaluation and draw up an overall structure for the interviews to be made during the site visit and the future report. The site visit took three days at the end of May and most of the work on the report was undertaken from June to August. In the middle of August another visit was made to EVA, when the panel interviewed the board of EVA, the Committee of Representatives and also conducted a follow-up seminar with EVA’s staff. On August 23rd a preliminary draft of the report was sent to EVA so that factual information could be checked and the final version was complete at the end of September.

During its site visit in May the expert panel met EVA’s management, EVA’s ‘internal self-evaluation group’ and representatives from all of its units/operational areas, as well as a group consisting of chairs of expert panels on various evaluation projects. In addition, two hearings were arranged – the first with representatives of higher education and the other with principals and teachers from primary, lower-secondary and upper-secondary schools. Representatives from the Ministry of Education (UVM) and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (VTU) were also interviewed.

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