Review of Security Category Category a / Restricted Status Prisoners

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Exceptional Escape Risk: As High Escape Risk, however, credible information or intelligence received either internally or from external agencies would suggest that an escape attempt is being planned and the threat is such that the individual requires conditions of heightened security in order to mitigate this risk.

2.7 The DDC High Security is responsible for deciding a Category A prisoner’s escape risk classification, but may delegate decision making to a colleague of at least Senior Civil Service 1 grade.

2.8 Prior to approving a Category A prisoner’s downgrading from high or exceptional escape risk classification the DDC High Security (or delegated authority) must be satisfied that information suggesting an enhanced escape potential is no longer valid.
Definition of Restricted Status
2.9 A Restricted Status prisoner is any female, young person or young adult prisoner, convicted or on remand, whose escape would present a serious risk to the public and who is required to be held in designated secure accommodation. Separate procedural security arrangements apply to Restricted Status prisoners.
Note: Restricted Status prisoners must be treated as Category A prisoners every time they leave their allocated establishment – all moves must be carried out in a Category A vehicle (or an ambulance in a medical emergency) in line with NSF procedures.
2.10 Unlike Category A prisoners, Restricted Status prisoners do not have escape risk classifications (see paragraphs 2.5-2.8 above). The designated secure accommodation and security procedures are deemed sufficient to achieve the aim of making escape impossible for these prisoners.
2.11 The DDC High Security is responsible for the categorisation of Restricted Status prisoners (but may delegate decision-making as with Category A prisoners); Women and Equalities Group will allocate adult female prisoners and Young People’s Group will allocate all young people male and female.

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