Review of Security Category Category a / Restricted Status Prisoners

Reviews of Confirmed Category A / Restricted Status Prisoners

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Reviews of Confirmed Category A / Restricted Status Prisoners

  • General

  • Oral Hearings

  • Timing of Annual Reviews

  • Annual Review Procedures

  • Preparing the Reports

  • Disclosure of the Reports

  • Local Advisory Panel Consideration

  • Initial Category A Team consideration

  • Annual Review Decisions by the Category A Team

  • Referral of Annual Reviews to the DDC High Security

  • Communication of Decisions from the DDC High Security

  • Downgrade from Category A / Restricted Status

  • Post-Decision Process

Annex A

First Formal Review Reports

Annex B

Annual Review Reports

Annex C

Intelligence Request - High Risk review

1. Executive Summary
1.1 This instruction is one of a number of Prison Service Instructions (PSIs) which form the Category A Function of the National Security Framework. It is one of the two new PSIs which replace PSI 03/2010 and sets out guidelines for the procedures for reviews of Category A / Restricted Status prisoners’ security category, and for deciding and reviewing the appropriate escape risk classification of Category A prisoners. All Category A instructions can be accessed via the National Security Framework.
Desired outcomes

    1. Escapes of highly dangerous prisoners are prevented, ensuring public protection.

    1. Category A (including Provisional) / Restricted Status prisoners’ categories are reviewed appropriately and on time and appropriate security measures are applied lawfully, safely, fairly, proportionately and decently.


    1. The National Security Framework (NSF) incorporates the mandatory requirements derived from the relevant security specifications. This PSI incorporates the mandatory requirements derived from the Manage the Custodial Sentence specifications, which are highlighted in the shaded boxes.

    1. All staff requiring the definition of a prisoner’s suitability for Category A and Restricted Status and the escape risk classification of Category A prisoners should refer to NSF 12.1 Category A Function – The Identification, Initial Categorisation and Management of Potential Category A / Restricted Status Prisoners.

    1. This PSI should be used by all staff involved in the review of categorisation and escape risk classification for all Category A / Restricted Status prisoners.

    1. Annexes A and B comprise blank copies of the reports to be used by staff when completing prisoners’ first formal and annual security category reviews.

Mandatory Actions
1.8 Governors and Directors of contracted prisons must ensure they have local security strategies in place and adhered to which are in accordance with the instructions set out in this PSI.
1.9 PSI 03/2010 is cancelled.
Resource Impact
1.10 There will be limited, transitional resource implications for establishments in updating local security strategies to ensure they are in line with the requirements set out in the new Category A function of the NSF. The functions required of establishments set out in this instruction do not require greater resources than those in the previous instruction.

(Approved for publication)

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