Review of Barna’s research indicates that

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Further review of Barna’s research indicates that

he differentiated between evangelicals and

those that simply stated they were “born-again” (non-evangelicals):
“To qualify as evangelicals for Barna, the respondents

(in addition to the foregoing “born again” faith in Christ)

stated that they believe:

  • Salvation is through __________ ____________

  • Jesus led a _________________ life

  • The Bible is ________________

  • They have a ____________ to share their faith

  • Satan is _______________

  • God is _________________ and ______________ and _________________ the universe

In other words, “evangelicals” are Christians who

believe what the Bible says.”
These “evangelicals” in Barna’s research had ________________

______________ percentages than the national averages!

Is there a missing peace in your life?
Is the Holy Spirit IN you?
If so, and you are still lacking peace,

then you need to get some things straight with God:

  1. Give up things that are ______________ Him

  2. Start ________the things He is urging you to do

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