Review for the South Carolina United States History and the Constitution

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Standard 8.2/8.3
Divided: _____ North______________ vs ______South____________________

Supported by: Russia US

Leader: Ho Chi Minh MacArther
Kennedy’s policy in Vietnam was one in which the U.S. served as Military Advisors.

Tonkin gulf Resolution—gave President Johnson the power to escalate the war in Vietnam

Tet Offensive major North Vietnamese offensive of the war

Mai Lai massacre led by American Troops

Kent State student protest of the war where students were killed by members of the National Guard.
President Nixon’s policy of Vietnamization turned the war over to South Vietnam.





New Frontier

Great Society

New Federalism



Space Race

Civil Rights Acts of 1965, Voting Rights Act, Fair Housing Act of 1968

Creation of the E.P.A.

Camp David Accords

Civil Rights Bill (failed)

War on poverty

Rapprochement with China

Iran Hostage Crisis

Peace Corps

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

Détente with the U.S.S.R


Bay of Pigs/Cuban Missile Crisis

Lost the support of American people







Standard 8.4

Reagan Administration

Conservatism- Holding traditional values or attitudes in politics.

What traditional values were challenged during the Culture Wars during Reagan’s administration? Abortion, HIV, Homosexuality, Women’s Rights, Etc.

Why did we see this movement toward Conservatism during the Reagan administration? Weakness of the Carter Administration, Culture issues arise.

Standard 8.5
Globalization- The spread of Culture across the entire world’s population.
Why do some cultures oppose Globalization?

Thinks it infringes on their own culture


North American Free Trade Agreement

Agreement between which three countries? US Canada and Mexico




Increase sales

Opportunity to help poorer countries.

Caused more U.S. Job Loss than Gains

Clintons Reforms

Health Care

Education Reforms

Guaranteed Health Coverage for citizens

Did not pass congress

Rewarding schools that perform well.

Beginnings of No Child Left Behind

Bush Reforms

Bush Tax Reform

Why Was it Done?

To Stimulate the economy

What did it do?

Provided tax refunds

Was it successful in improving the Economy?

Many People saved the refund instead of spending it to boost the US economy.

Standard 8.6

Global Terrorism/Middle East

How has the rise and fall of countries affected the situation in the Middle East? Think Israel, Palestine, and the Soviet Union.

No Longer had threat of Soviet Union to support nondemocratic leaders in the Middle East. Palestine angry over creation of Israel.

Goals of terrorism?

Using terror to achieve world recognition of their cause.

Challenge of fighting a terrorist organization?

No country to attack, No set location

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