Review for the South Carolina United States History and the Constitution

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Contemporary America

Social and Political Changes in post War America
GI Bill passed to help servicemen adjust to post war world.

Baby Boom explosion of birthrate after WWII

People moved out of the cities to the suburbs This was accelerated by Eisenhower’s Federal Aid Highway Act which constructed the Interstate Highway system.

Demand for goods caused an increase in production that helped recreate a consumer society where people purchased goods to satisfy their “wants”. This included buying items for recreation like bicycles.

The Supreme Court ruled to allow integration, to end Separate but equal.

The consumer culture and the Supreme Court Rulings helped to Divide American Society and this eventually leads to the reemergence of Ku Klux Klan. By the 1970s political organizations like the religious right and evangelicals were created to elect “Moral Candidates”

The Women’s Rights movement was aided by the publication of the Feminine Mystic by Betty Freidan.

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