Review for the South Carolina United States History and the Constitution

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World War II

Fascist regimes took control in German and Italy during the 1930’s due to the results of WWI, the impact of the Treaty of Versailles, and the world wide Depression.
Fascism was a radical authoritarian nationalist ideology that was adopted by Mussolini in Italy.

American Neutrality (1933-1941)
Hitler Militarizes Germany and Expands Germany’s Borders
European response U.S. Response
Appeasement Neutrality

“Giving in to avoid war” “Isolationist policies” driven by the fear of war and the memories of WWI

Hitler’s invasion of Poland violated the Munich Agreement and ended the European Policy of Appeasement.
Roosevelt (FDR) used Lend and Lease Act as ways to circumvent the U.S. Neutrality Acts of the 1930’s. Roosevelt’s commitment to halting German and Japanese aggression is evident by his signing of the Declaration of War
America at War (1941-1945)
The U.S. officially entered WWII when the Japanese Navy launched its surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941

WWII Alliances

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