Review for atomic structure exam: 1 Boron has two isotopes. The natural abundance for these isotopes are: 19. 9%

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Review for atomic structure exam
1 Boron has two isotopes. The natural abundance for these isotopes are 19.9% B
(10.013 amu) and 80.1% B (11.009amu). Calculate the atomic weight of boron 2 How many protons and neutrons are in the nuclei of Tl atoms
3 What is the atomic number, mass number and symbol for the element that has
45 protons and 58 neutrons Magnesium occurs in nature in three isotopic forms relative mass Mg (78.70% abundance) 23.985 amu Mg (11.17% abundance) 25.983 amu Mg (10.13% abundance) 24.986 amu Calculate the atomic mass of Magnesium from these data Natural samples of copper contain two isotopes. Cu has amass of
62.930 amu and Cu has amass of 64.928 amu. The percent abundance of Cu is 69.09%. Calculate the atomic mass of copper.
6. Calculate the atomic mass of an element if 60.4% of the atoms have amass of
68.9257 amu and the rest have amass of 70.9249 amu. Identify the element in the periodic table.
7 Europium has two stable isotopes Eu with amass of 150.9196 amu and Eu with amass of 152.9209. If elemental Europium is found to have amass of 151.96 amu on earth, calculate the percent of each of the two isotopes (with the correct number of significant figures.
8 Atoms are electrically neutral because ____________.
9 Complete the following table. All atoms are electrically neutral.
Number of
Number of
Number of
9 10 14 15 47 25 48 22 32 28 10. What is the mass number of an element

11. Isotopes of an element are _____________.
12. What is cation and anion. Give an example of each.
13. What is the nuclear notation for an element with 23 protons, 23 electrons and 30 neutrons
Write hyphen notation for calcium atom which has 40 neutrons.
15. Describe the contribution of each of the scientists you read about to modern atomic theory.
16. What does the atomic mass represent
17. What is the symbol, charge and mass of each subatomic particle

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