Review Chapter 7 Who were the leading delegates to the Constitutional Convention ?

What did Ben Franklin and James Madison have in common ?

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29. What did Ben Franklin and James Madison have in common ?

both were delegates to the Constitutional Convention
30. List the 2 basic ideas of the 1215 Magna Carta document.

a. people have certain guaranteed rights

b. the monarchs must obey the laws

31. Which Enlightenment writer thought government powers should be clearly defined and divided ?

Baron de Montesquieu

So long as any individual state has the power to defeat the measures of the other twelve, our pretended union is but a name…..” Noah Webster, New England schoolteacher

32. Describe Noah Webster’s position/beliefs when he said the above quotation.

individual states have too much power to form a true union
33. Under the Articles of Confederation, Congress could…

a. appoint military officers/raise army

b. declare war

c. be responsible for foreign affairs/sign treaties

d. coin money
34. Under the Articles of Confederation, Congress could NOT

a. tax the states to raise money

b. regulate trade between states and foreign countries

c. pass laws if not approved by 9 states
36. Define Federalism - written powers not specifically given to the federal gov’t are available to the States
37. Describe the Point-of-View the authors of The Federalist Papers most agree ?

having a stronger central government will make the country more stable and prosperous
38. What two ways does the Constitution describes propose an amendment ?

1. two-thirds of both congressional houses vote in favor of proposing the amendment

2. three-fourths of state legislatures vote in favor of proposing the amendment
39. Why was the Northwest Ordinance is considered a historical milestone ?

established a method for admitting new states to the Union

40. Know the Bill of Rights (1st Ten Amendments)

Amendment 1 –

Freedom of religion

Freedom of speech

Freedom of the press

Freedom of protest peacefully

Freedom of petition

Amendment 2 – right to bear arms

Amendment 3 – quartering soldiers

Amendment 4 – security from unreasonable search and seizures

Amendment 5 – due process of law

Amendment 6 – right to a free trial

Amendment 7 – trial by jury

Amendment 8 – fair bail and punishments

Amendment 9 – rights retained by the people

Amendment 10 – powers reserved to states and people

of Chapter 7 Review w/ Answers

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880 -> Conquistador – ‘conquerors’ tribute – ‘payment of food & valuables’
880 -> Main Idea: Spain’s conquest, exploration, and colonization of the Americas brought wealth to some and tragedy to others
880 -> The American Revolution 1775 1783 1 Fighting Begins in the North read pgs 166-172
880 -> Vocabulary: Battle of Bull Run – first major battle of the Civil War, fought in Virginia in 1861

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