Review Chapter 7 Who were the leading delegates to the Constitutional Convention ?

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Slaves should count

when determining

a state’s population

and its number of


Slavery 

Slaves should count

in deciding a state’s

share of federal taxes

5. How did the delegates to the Constitutional Convention settle the issue described above ?

Three-Fifths Compromise

6. How many states had to ratify the Constitution before it could become law ?

9 of 13

7. List the key issue during the process of ratifying the Constitution.

the Bill of Rights

8. This list below summarizes some limitations of the national government under which plan?

Articles of Confederation - AOC
9. What two examples were learned by the Founding Fathers from the Roman Republic ?

a. the value of public service

b. independence
Excerpt from the Declaration of Independence

King George III has obstructed the administration of justice, by refusing his assent (approval) to laws for establishing judiciary powers.
10. What was included in the U.S. Constitution in order to deal with the grievance expressed above ?

the establishment of a Supreme Court

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880 -> Us history Super staar 131 Facts! Fort Burrows
880 -> Main Idea: In writing the Constitution, Americans drew on ancient traditions, Enlightenment ideas, and their own experience
880 -> Us history Fort Burrows The Nation Grows and Prospers 1790 1825
880 -> Main Idea: President Jackson showed the strength of his will in his fight with the Bank of the United States
880 -> Us history Fort Burrows Review Chapter 12 w/Yellow Answers
880 -> 10. 5 The War of 1812 Main Idea
880 -> Conquistador – ‘conquerors’ tribute – ‘payment of food & valuables’
880 -> Main Idea: Spain’s conquest, exploration, and colonization of the Americas brought wealth to some and tragedy to others
880 -> The American Revolution 1775 1783 1 Fighting Begins in the North read pgs 166-172
880 -> Vocabulary: Battle of Bull Run – first major battle of the Civil War, fought in Virginia in 1861

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