Review Book Unit 5 Section 6 Japan and the Meiji Restoration read unit 5 section 6

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Review Book Unit 5 Section 6 Japan and the Meiji Restoration


Please define the following terms:

1. Matthew Perry

2. Treaty of Kanagawa

3. Meiji Restoration

4. zaibatsu

5. Sino-Japanese War

6. Russo-Japanese War

7. What effects did the visit of Commordore Perry and the Treaty of Kanagawa have on Japan's development?

8. Why did the Industrial Revolution occur earlier in Japan than in African and other Asian nations?

9. How did choosing a German model for government affect the development of Japan?

10. What changes were made in society during the Meiji Restoration?

11. What group did not experience greater personal freedom?

Answer the following questions from the graph< “Japanese Exports and Imports”:

12. During which five year period did Japanese trade increase the most?

13. Why was Japanese trade increasing so much in the late 1800's?

14. How did geography affect Japan's decision to follow a policy of imperialism?

Please answer the following multiple choice questions at the end of Unit 5 in your reviewbook:

Questions 11, 12 & 13

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