Revegetation fact sheet

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Protecting plantings

The basic equipment for planting includes a mattock to dig into the soil or the rip line. Tree guards and fencing are often used to protect revegetated areas until the plants become established and can withstand the stress caused by rabbits, native animals, wind and domestic stock. Hardwood stakes are most suitable for guards and three stakes are used per guard with a mallet to hammer them in. Rabbit-proof fences are expensive and are therefore only used in areas where the rabbit problem is extreme.

Direct seeding establishes trees, shrubs and understorey plants by sowing seed directly onto the site to be revegetated – at a fraction of the cost of planting tubestock. As with all revegetation works, good site preparation and effective weed control are essential for the plants to establish successfully. For further information about direct seeding, contact Greening Australia Victoria on 9450 5300.

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