Rethinking post-colonial nationalism

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Political Science 20

Fall 2009

Professor Amrita Basu

102B Converse Hall; phone x2942

Office Hours: Mondays, 3:30-5:30 p.m.


General Information:
The materials for the course are available in one of several places, E-Reserve, the Frost Library reserve desk or a multilith packet which should be purchased from the Political Science Department office at Clark House. All students should purchase the multilith.
*Indicates film to be discussed in the class under which it is listed. Most of the films will be streamed for the course.
Course Requirements:

--regular class attendance, please send me an email if you miss class, explaining the reason for your absence.

--reading all the material in advance of the class for which it is assigned.

--informed class participation

--discuss readings on the blackboard at least once a week

--three papers which are due on October 2, November 7, Dec. Paper topics will be distributed about a week in advance of the due dates.

September 8: Introduction

Colonialism and Its Antithesis

September 9
Stephen Howe, Empire, pp. 104-114 (M)

Hobsbawm, “The Age of Empire,” (M)

Marx, “British Rule in India,” E-Reserve

September 14
*Edward Said on Orientalism
Said, Orientalism, pp. 1-9, 201-225, 284-328 (M)

Selby, “Truth, Justice and Nationalism” E-Reserve

September 16
*The Home and the World
Ashis Nandy, The Intimate Enemy, pp 1-48 (M)

George Orwell, “Shooting An Elephant” (M)

Chatterjee, “The Nationalist Resolution of the Women’s Question” in Recasting Women (M)
September 21
Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth, pp. 35-62 E-Reserves

Ato Seki-Otu, “Fanon and the Possibility of Post Colonial Critical Imagination” (M)

Said, Culture and Imperialism, pp, 262-281 (M)

Theories of Nationalism

September 23

Eric Hobsbawm, The Invention of Tradition, pp. 1-14 (M)

Clifford Geertz, “The Integrative Revolution: Primordial Sentiments and Civil Politics in the New

States” pp, 105-119 (M)

Walker Connor, “A Nation is a Nation...” in Nationalism, pp. 36-46 (M)

Anthony Giddens, The Nation State and Violence, pp. 116-121 (M)

Hutchinson, “Ethnicity and Modern Nations” E-Reserve
September 28
Anderson, Imagined Communities pp. 1-7, 113-154 (M)

Chatterjee, The Nation and Its Fragments, pp. 3-13 (M)

Marx, “Nation State and Exclusions” 24 E-Reserve



September 30
* Gandhi
Bose and Jalal, Modern South Asia, 11, 13, 15 and 16 E-Reserve

M. K. Gandhi, Hind Swaraj, pp. 25-74 (M)

Dennis Dalton, Mahatma Gandhi: Nonviolent Power in Action, Intro and chapter 1 (M)

October 5

Ashis Nandy, "The Final Encounter: The Politics of the Assassination of Gandhi" (M)

Jawaharlal Nehru, The Discovery of India, pp. 40-51, 358-368, 526-535 (M)

Sudipta Kaviraj, “Crisis of the Nation State in India” E-Reserve


October 7
*The Battle of Algiers
John Ruedy, Modern Algeria, Chapters 5 & 6 , On Reserve

October 14

Frantz Fanon, "Algeria Unveiled" in A Dying Colonialism (M)

Asia Djebar, "Women of Algiers in Their Apartment" (M)

Marnia Lazreg, Torture and the Twilight of Empire, Introduction, E-Reserve

South Africa

October 19
*Cry Freedom
Steven Biko, I Write What I Like, Chapter 11, pp. 61-72 (M)

Anthony Marx, The Lessons of Struggle, Chapter 1 pp. 3-28, pp. 32-72,

Chapter 3, page 86, Chapter 4, sections 106-107 and 130-146 (M)

Guest Speaker: Tony Marx

October 21
Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom, Chapters 11-14, pp. 83-122, Chapter 15, pp. 125-128, Chapter 17, pp. 133-139, Chapter 20, pp. 142-153 (M)

Desmond Tutu, “Freedom Fighters or Terrorists?” in Theology And Violence (M)

Seidman, “Guerillas in their Midst” in Mobilization E-Reserve

Jeff Goodwin, “The Struggle Made me a Non Racialist” in Mobilization, Vol. 12, no. 2, 2007 E-


October 26: Nationalism and Feminism
Ranjoo S Herr, “The Possibility of Nationalist Feminism”, Hypatia E-Reserve

Shireen Hassim, “Nationalism, Feminism and Autonomy” E-Reserve


October 28: Post Colonialism
Membe, “What Is Post Colonial Thinking?” E-Reserve

Shohat, “Notes on the Post colonial” E-Reserve

Lazarus, “Post Colonial Studies after the invasion of Iraq” E-Reserve

Dirlik, “Rethinking Colonialism” E-Reserve

Why Ethnic Conflict Becomes Violent
November 2

Mamdani, “Making Sense of Political Violence in Post Colonial Africa” E-Reserve

Jason Stearns, “In Congo’s Conflict, A Surprising Twist” E-Reserve
Guest Speaker Jason Stearns
November 4
Small group discussions

Snyder, From Voting to Violence, pp. 265-311 (M)

Michael Mann, The Dark-Side of Democracy: Explaining Ethnic Cleansing (M)

November 9:
Selected readings on Pakistan E-Reserve

Atul Kohli, “Can Democracies Accommodate Ethnic Nationalism?” (M)

Thomas, “The Nationalities Question in South Asia” (M)


November 11

Srirupa Roy, Beyond Belief, Intro and chapter 2 Book on Reserve
Guest Speaker: Srirupa Roy
November 16
*Final Solution
Sarkar, “Inclusive Democracy and its Enemies” E-Reserve

Basu, “The Long March from Ayodhya: Democracy and Violence in India” new E-Reserve

Bacchetta, “All Our Goddesses are Armed” (M)

Datta, “Historic Trauma and Politics of the Present in India” E-Reserve

South Africa

November 18:
Duncan Brown, “National Belonging and Cultural Difference” E-Reserve

Moodley, “Race and Nation in Post Apartheid South Africa” E-Reserve

Ndlovu-Gatseini, “Africa for Africans or Africa for Natives Only?” E-Reserve
November 30

Laremont, Islam And The Politics of Resistance In Algeria, ch. 7 (M)

Hugh Roberts, “Algeria’s Ruinous Impasse and the Honorable Way Out” E-Reserve

Addi Lahouari, “Algeria’s Tragic Contradictions” E-Reserve

December 2

*Long Night’s Journey into Day

Small Group Discussions

Mahmood Mamdani, “Reconciliation Without Justice”, South African Review of Books, 1996 E-Reserve

Alex Boraine, “Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa: the Third Way” and Martha Minow, “The Hope for Healing: What Can Truth Commissions Do?” in Truth V. Justice: The Morality of Truth Commissions (M)

December 7: The New Imperialism?
Niall Fergusson, Colossus: The Price of America’s Empire, ch. 5 (M)

Michael Mann, Incoherent Empire, chapter 4 (M)

December 9: “Terrorism”
Osama Bin Laden, “Jihad against Jews and Crusaders” E-Reserve

Michael Mann, Incoherent Empire, chapter 6 (M)

Hassan Mneimneh, “Manual for a Raid” (M)

Parikh, “Bin Laden Meets Gandhi” (M)

Ahmad, “Terrorism Theirs and Ours” (M)
December 14: Exiles and Diasporas
Benedict Anderson, “Long Distance Nationalism” in The Specter of Comparison (M)

Arvind Rajagopal, “Hindu Nationalism in the US” E-Reserve

Arjun Appadurai, Fear of Small Numbers, pp. 115-137 (M)

Edward Said, Reflections on Exile, pp. 173-186 (M)

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