Responses from northern ireland to the February 2006 Consultation on the National Strategic Reference Framework: European Structural Funds 2007 – 2013

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  • The UK Government is currently seeking views on the draft National Strategic Framework which will establish the broad priorities for future Structural Funds Programmes in the UK 2007 –2013.

  • This response has been collated following discussions with officer-level representatives of the Western Economic Strategy Team (WEST). While it does address general issues within the document, it focuses on areas of particular interest to the western sub-regional area.


  • The EU Structural Funds are the second largest item of EU expenditure and are used to promote regional development and employment across the EU.

  • While the 2007-2013 Structural Funds will cover three objectives – Convergence, Competitiveness and Employment and Territorial Co-Operation, Northern Ireland is eligible for funding under the Competitiveness and Employment and Territorial Co-Operation objectives. The draft National Strategic Reference Framework document only considers the Competitiveness and Employment objective.

  • 75% of the Competitiveness and Employment Funding must be focussed on activities to support the Lisbon Agenda.

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