Responses from northern ireland to the February 2006 Consultation on the National Strategic Reference Framework: European Structural Funds 2007 – 2013

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Response from Northern Ireland Local Government Association (NILGA)

Received 19 May 2006

Northern Ireland Local Government Association Response to the UK Government Consultation on the Draft National Strategic Reference Framework

1. The Northern Ireland Local Government Association (NILGA) is the voice of local government in Northern Ireland. NILGA was established in 2001 and is supported by all 26 District Councils and all the main political parties (See Appendix 1). The objectives of NILGA are: to represent the interests of local authorities, to provide a forum for discussion of local government issues, to provide advice, assistance and services to councils, to formulate sound policies for the development of local government and its management and to develop a strong profile of NILGA and local government.
2. NILGA welcomes the opportunity to respond to the consultation on the draft National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF). NILGA is responding to the Northern Ireland chapter of the NSRF, but has made some general overall comments on the NSRF.

  1. This paper was drafted in consultation with lead officers from Councils, views of elected members on Monitoring Committees and views of members of the NILGA EU working group.

  1. The draft was presented to elected members and officers at a NILGA consultation event on the NSRF on 9th May 2006, where the paper was agreed.

  1. On 16th May, the paper was circulated to all 26 District Councils for their endorsement.

  1. Some additional comments received following the circulation of the document to Councils are listed in Appendix 2 and others will be forwarded in due course.


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