Responses from northern ireland to the February 2006 Consultation on the National Strategic Reference Framework: European Structural Funds 2007 – 2013

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Question 9: Do respondents have views on how to improve coordination between Structural Funds and domestic spending within England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?
Craigavon Borough Council accepts that the detailed rules for delivery of programmes will take a lot of consideration, but are supportive of the idea of building on the strengths of existing Structural Funds Programme arrangements and were appropriate having local delivery and partnership approaches.
Craigavon borough Council as a Local Authority are keen to at the forefront of key local partnerships.
Question 10: Do respondents agree with the Government’s proposals to align ERDF spending with domestic programmes in England? What are respondents views on how best to achieve this?
Craigavon Borough Council would be supportive of the Governments Proposals to align ERDF spending directly with domestic funding through common processes and management arrangements, which would provide a more co-ordinated approach.
The double application process is a very lengthy and bureautic system and can reduce the effectiveness of programmes.
Craigavon Borough Council like any other Council operating in Northern Ireland would like to take a lead role in managing programmes of these kind. We are well positioned to take a leadership role and create effective workable partnerships.

Question 11: Do respondents agree that ESF delivery arrangements should bring together ESF and domestic employment and skills funding in England allow organisations to access a single funding stream?
Craigavon Borough Council would be supportive of the Governments future alignments of funding spend with domestic policy priorities.
We also agree that ESF support for employment and skills should be strategically aligned to domestic employment and skills funding. This alignment of the two funds will encourage a single funding process, will have a positive effect.

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