Responses from northern ireland to the February 2006 Consultation on the National Strategic Reference Framework: European Structural Funds 2007 – 2013

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Rural Planning Policy

  • Cognisance must be taken of the new stringent Planning Policy Statement 14 which will again result in an inequitable situation in the western sub-region which already suffers from substantial relative social and economic deprivation compared to the east of the Province.

  • As stated earlier, the western sub-region is predominantly rural in nature. Here, more so than in the east, the new planning policy will have a serious detrimental effect on social and economic needs. The policy will not only prohibit the development of industry in smaller towns and village, but will have an adverse impact on farming and other commercial rural developments.

Signed: ____________________


Acting Chairman

Shadow Western Economic Strategy Team (WEST) Joint Committee

(on behalf of the District Councils of Cookstown, Dungannon &

South Tyrone, Fermanagh, Omagh and Strabane)

17 May 2006

Response from Lisburn City Council

Received 18 May 2006

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