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Salford Schools’ Library Service

Resources List

May 2015

Salford Schools’ Library Service provides the following resources to teachers and librarians working in Salford. Please check that your school has signed an appropriate level of service level agreement with us, before you request materials.

  • Class readers - sets of up to 35 copies of the same title chosen specifically to be used in work with larger groups or whole classes. Our list is annotated with guidance on key stage level and reading age.

  • Mini class readers – sets of 15 copies of the same title for use in work with smaller groups in the classroom.

  • Guided readers – sets of six books covering a variety of topics for Key Stages 1, 2 and 3.

  • Big books - we have a wide selection of both fiction and non-fiction texts.

  • Author boxes - contain a selection of books by a popular author or illustrator.

In addition to the types of loans listed, we can also provide project loans – the library is stocked with a very wide range of titles on subjects taught in schools, which can be made up into project loans to meet your needs. These cover too many topics to be included in a written list. Please contact us for further details.

Our stock is constantly updated. Please check that you are using the latest version of this list – visit our website and click on the list under Related Downloads.
We hope you will find new titles in this list that you will want to try with your class. If a book is new to you, we recommend that you read it yourself before sharing it with pupils.

For further information, please contact

Schools’ Library Service

The Broadwalk Centre

51 Belvedere Road


M6 5EJ


0161 778 0936




Monday – Thursday

8.30 – 1.15 and 2.00 – 5.00


8.30 – 1.15 and 2.00 – 2.30

(including all school holidays except Christmas)

Contents Page

Class readers 3 - 23

Mini class readers 24 - 29

Guided readers 30 - 36

Big books 37 - 39

Author boxes 40 - 43

Cover photo © Nick Harrison

Class Readers

This list details all the class reader sets held by Salford Schools’ Library Service.

These are sets of up to 35 copies of the same title, chosen specifically to be used in work with large groups in the classroom. This list is annotated with details of the plot and written style, and gives guidance as to the appropriate key stage level and reading age.
ADAM, Paul Escape from Shadow Island KS2/3 10 – 14

The first book in the Max Cassidy adventure series, and the winner of the 2010 Salford Children’s Book Award. By day, Max is a fourteen year old London schoolboy. By night, he is a talented escapologist, nicknamed the “Half-Pint Houdini”. But now he has a deadly serious mystery to solve – his father has disappeared, and although no body has been found, his mother has been imprisoned for the murder. Max is convinced that his mother is innocent, and that his father is still alive. And he’s determined to prove it.

Adams, Georgie The Three Little Witches Storybook KS1/2 7 - 9

The Three Little Witches decide to throw a Hallowe’en party. This story is divided into eight chapters, with a lively combination of text and illustrations on every page, including their party invitations and very varied replies. Great for encouraging confidence in reading.

AHLBERG, Allan The Cat Who Got Carried Away KS1/2 6 - 8

A grand and gripping Gaskitt story, in which Gus and Gloria have a lot of running to do, Mrs Gaskitt hardly ever gets out of bed and something dreadful happens to Horace! (Also starring: a brainy rat named Randolph; a barking pram; and a considerable number of penguins.) With great illustrations, a fun book to delight new or reluctant readers.

Ahlberg, Allan The Children Who Smelled a Rat KS1/2 6 - 8

Another action packed and very funny Gaskitt family story, with lively text and illustrations on every page. An encouraging read for new and reluctant readers.

AHLBERG, Janet & Allan Funnybones KS1 5 – 7

The first book in the classic series about the skeletons who live in a dark dark cellar. In this story they decide to take the dog skeleton for a walk, and look for somebody to frighten.

Ahlberg, Allan The Man Who Wore All His Clothes KS1/2 6 - 8

Mr Gaskitt puts on several layers of clothes before he goes out, which turns out to be very useful, as he manages to get caught up with an escaping bank robber and succeeds in stopping him, due to his bulky clothing. Later on, we find out why Mr Gaskitt wears so many clothes - he is working as a plump and cosy Father Christmas! Lots of colourful illustrations throughout, and a fairly short text, which will be welcoming for the more reluctant or new reader.

AHLBERG, Allan The Woman Who Won Things KS1/2 6 - 8

Mrs Gaskitt opens the post and finds she's won a prize! Next she kisses the postman! Never mind, though - the postman is Mr Gaskitt doing his very latest job. Meanwhile, Gus and Gloria get a new teacher, Mrs Plum, with silvery hair, a big smile and a huge suitcase, who's ever so helpful when things start to go missing in the classroom. And then Mrs Gaskitt finds she's won another prize! Lots of colourful illustrations throughout, and a fairly short text which new or reluctant readers will enjoy.

ALLEN, Eleanor Enter at Your Peril (Tremors) KS2/3 9 – 12

The Tremors series are spine-tingling stories, in the form of short, fast-paced chapter books aimed at reluctant readers, with black and white illustrations throughout. In this story, an old lady asks a young boy to look after her cat. But what does she mean when she says “I have to go away”?

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