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Manuscript Collection

The Nevada Historical Society manuscript holdings, which focus on Nevada and the West, consist of over 2,700 collections, ranging in size from a single folder to several hundred cubic feet. The bulk of the materials date from the 1850s to the present. Included are personal papers, topical collections, records of businesses, churches, local governments, and schools, as well as those of civic, educational, charitable, professional, labor, and social organizations. All collections have brief guide descriptions; individual registers or indexes are available for the larger collections.

Among the major collections are the papers of:

  • U.S. Senator William M. Stewart

  • U. S. Senator Patrick A. McCarran

  • George Wingfield

  • Virginia & Gold Hill Water Co.

  • Malone Engineers

  • Truckee-Carson Irrigation District

  • Nevada Nurses Association

  • Nevada Federation of Womens Clubs

  • Works Progress Administration, Nevada

  • Manhattan Silver Mining Co.

  • Harold’s Club

  • AFL-CIO, Nevada

  • Women’s Christian Temperance Union, Nevada

  • Knights of Pythias, Nevada

  • Gold Hill Miner’s Union

  • Episcopal Church of Nevada

  • Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada

  • A Common Thread (statewide quilt study project)

  • Russell McDonald (index to biographical files for legislators, judges, attorneys)

  • Jeanne E. Wier

  • John T. Reid

  • Nevada Emigrant Trail Marking Committee

  • U.S. Senator Tasker L. Oddie

  • Eureka & Palisade Railroad

  • Yellow Jacket Silver Mining Company

  • Twentieth Century Club

  • United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Local 971

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